How to Delegate Effectively

One of the cardinal avenues to business growth is the ability to delegate work to others. Unfortunately, effectively delegating isn’t easy until you know how. First, we need to dispel some misconceptions and false beliefs about delegating. If you’re not thinking about it correctly, you won’t follow the proper steps and will fail to delegate … Read more

How To Update Website Content For SEO

“Should I update my website’s content for SEO, and if so which content?” I’ve heard a variation of this question countless times through my SEO career. Often it comes from someone who has heard about it from some “SEO guru” and then they set off updating their homepage copy every quarter because they “heard it … Read more

11 Ways To Use AI In Content Marketing

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT, which is still the most commonly used AI tool around, content marketers have been experimenting and trying to find cool and unique ways to use AI to improve their content and results. While AI isn’t replacing content writers, and especially content strategists, anytime soon (because it … Read more

The Rooms Your Business Needs To Be In

The Rooms Your Business Needs To Be In

One of my mentors told me once, “If you want someone to point at you when they need what you do, you have to be in the room.” If you’re building a business, then I think you should hear this advice too. This mentor was talking about in terms of working for someone else, and … Read more

How 15 Experts Successfully Outsource Marketing

How 15 Experts Successfully Outsource Marketing

Did you know that the marketing agency industry is expected to reach almost $10B per year in 2027 (according to Marketwatch)? A lot of companies outsource their marketing to agencies or freelancers. I know this firsthand, because the other company I founded, Credo, has helped almost 10,000 companies looking to hire an agency to help … Read more

How Content Marketing Teams Are Structured

How Content Marketing Teams Are Structured

Over the last year or so, I’ve become very interested in how companies grow. I’ve built a few small companies (mid-six figures in annual revenue, with six to ten people including full-time and freelancers), but I’ve also worked inside of and with much larger companies like Zillow, IHG, and many more where I’ve built, managed, … Read more

How To Find and Hire Good Writers

EditorNinja is the internet’s favorite on-demand editing service. We edit the content you’re already producing. But to create it in the first place, you either need to be a good creator or you need to hire great writers who can produce on-brand content that converts. So we wrote this post to help you find good … Read more

28 Lead Generation Statistics for 2024

Creating content meant to generate leads in 2024? Schedule a free editorial assessment with our team to learn more about how EditorNinja can help you accomplish this goal. If you’re looking to generate more leads through content in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. Lead generation is a tough business. Markets change. Competitors change. … Read more

Content Strategy: 10 Content Leaders Share Their Tips For Creating A Content Strategy

“What is one tip you have for someone creating a content strategy?” To help you best create an effective content strategy for your brand, we asked content leaders this question for their best insights.  From connecting goals directly to key performance indices to maintaining content quality over quantity, several tips will serve you well in … Read more

Where To Find Freelance Editors For Hire

I’ve been blogging on the internet for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve probably written 3-4 million words and published most of them. I’ve also hired a lot of content marketers and creators, and helped a lot of companies hire content people to help them create more content (or update their existing content) to … Read more

Why Freelance Writers Should Hire Editors For Their Content

As a freelance writer (you may style yourself a content marketer), you have a ton on your plate. You’re trying to get new clients to feed the ever turning machine of revenue and profitability. You’re trying to deliver great content to your clients so they keep paying you to create great content. You’re trying to … Read more

How to create a table of contents in WordPress

Readability is the ultimate strategy to getting your content read. If you’re investing in content as a marketing strategy, or even because you just love to write, making sure your content is able to be read easily is a worthy undertaking. Easily readable content will increase time on site, increase people’s happiness while reading (and … Read more