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Powered by professional editors, our Business Editing Services are built for businesses who are producing marketing content and need to by back their time while also:

  • making sure the tone and messaging are correct,
  • facts are correct, and
  • any typos or errors are caught.

We can edit:

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Press releases
  • And more

Learn more today and make sure your marketing content is  right before it’s published or the marketing campaign is launched.

Business editing is included in our Unlimited Content Editing packages.


Easily add your documents to your queue via the EditorNinja portal. Your editor(s) work through your queue each day.

Whatever editing your document needs, we can handle it. And we’ll keep working on it until it’s right.

Receive your edited document back to your inbox in just 1-2 business days. Review, publish, and watch your business grow.

EditorNinja - Business Editing without the painful hiring process.

Why Business Editing?

As a business, you need your content to be perfect. And it needs to be edited by a professional who understands business writing and a business’s content goals.

Our team of professional editors has edited thousands of business documents, mostly blog posts and white papers, and understands what businesses are trying to accomplish with content – more traffic, more leads, and more customers.

Our editors understand business content and editing, which is why we offer this service to the world with confidence.

See what makes EditorNinja different.

What Our Business Editing Services Include

Our business editing services include:

  • A review of your document and needs, to make sure we’re providing feedback on the right plane.
  • A thorough edit along with comments left for you to review and resolve, which is meant to strengthen the writer’s skills (available on the In-Depth Editing package).
  • Ability to ask questions of your editor to clarify comments they have left.
  • A thorough copy edit and proof read.

How EditorNinja's Business Editing service works

Getting your business content edited shouldn’t be complicated or painful. Here’s how to get it done with EditorNinja.

Add Documents to Your Queue

Add documents to your queue via our portal in just a few clicks. They’ll be assigned to your account manager and editor.

Your Editor and Due Dates Assigned

Your account manager will prioritize your content and assign an editor with the needed skills. 

Your Content, Edited

Your editor will go to work on your content, editing it according to your directions.

Ready For Review

Your documents will be double QA’d and returned in EditorNinja and via email, ready for review. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get started is to sign up here or schedule a free editorial assessment to discuss your needs and talk about working together. 

If you have a one-off request, or would like to test the service first, the best place to start is to get a Free Quote.

If you have a large volume of content (40+ pieces per month), contact us for a custom quote.

EditorNinja employs  professional editors who work on customer content every business day of the month. If you upload 10 pieces of content, your content will be scheduled out with your editor who will work on one document at a time. The average document takes one business day from the date it enters editing to when it comes back to you ready to publish.

Maximize your editing subscription by keeping your queue full, and you can always add an additional editing lane if you need more output in a given month.

All of our editors are US-based professional MFA-level editors who have taught writing and editing at the university level.

From dissertations to white papers and blog posts, they’ve edited it all and are trained to edit content to your brand’s specifications.

Plus, they’ll give you feedback on the writing so that both the writing and editing process are easier moving forward.

Our editors can edit any kind of written content. From blog posts to white papers, sales pages to social media content, our editors have edited it all and will make your content do your brand proud.

Please note that our editors are not subject matter experts, and they are not creating brand new content for your brand. But if you need content edited before it’s published, our editors have you covered!

Within the EditorNinja portal, we ask you to include:

  • – The document type (most common is Blog Post)
  • – A link to the document (ideally a Google Doc)
  • – Word count
  • – A brief containing anything the editor should take into account for this specific document, such as making sure all links work or that no paragraph is longer than 5 sentences.

You should also upload your brand and content guidelines to your Brand Documents so your editor, and any other edited assigned to your content, can access them.

Ready to learn more?
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