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I’ll never forget the day my first professionally copy edited piece came back. It felt like magic.

As a life long content creator (I wrote my first novel at 9 years old), I’ve always loved writing but I hate editing. I just didn’t do it.

Then I started creating content for marketing my businesses, and just writing was no longer good enough.

I needed copy editing, so after working with editors for a while I decided to start EditorNinja so you too could feel that magic.

If you’re producing copy of any sort then you need to make sure it’s ready to go to its final destination, whether that’s a blog post or a sales deck or even an investor presentation.

Our copy editing services  here at EditorNinja include the following and more:

  1. Content consistency, so everything is clear to the reader
  2. Content structure, so it looks professional
  3. Clarity of words used, because a message not understood doesn’t convert
  4. Cross references, because things should be properly cited
  5. Grammar, because people notice it even subconsciously
  6. Punctuation, because it too matters
  7. Spelling, because misspelling kill conversions.

Trust me. Free yourself up to focus on higher value strategic work by outsourcing your copy editing to EditorNinja.

I’m excited to speak with you.

John (Founder, EditorNinja)

Professional Editors – Simple Software – Satisfaction Guaranteed

"This is the best thought out and most delightful editing experience I've ever had in my years of producing content. We're EditorNinja customers for life."
Daniel Sendecki
VP Content, PathIQ

Easy submission

Easily submit new documents to EditorNinja for editing.

Unlimited revisions

Request as many revisions as you like for each document.

Delivered ready to publish

Receive your ready-to-publish document into your inbox in 1-2 days. It’s kind of like magic.

Hiring Copy Editors has changed.

The Old Inefficient Way

  1. Google around
  2. Research some platforms
  3. Research some editors
  4. Post a gig on a platform
  5. Respond to editors
  6. Speak with editors you found yourself
  7. Try a few out
  8. See deadlines slip
  9. Get a bill bigger than expected
  10. Decide “editing doesn’t work for my business”
  11. Wait a few months
  12. Repeat the process

The EditorNinja Way

  1. Find EditorNinja online
  2. See how we make editing easy
  3. Schedule a friendly demo
  4. Get your questions answered
  5. Subscribe
  6. See when every document will be returned
  7. Publish better content

Isn't that better?

EditorNinja - Hire copy editors without the painful hiring process.

What is copy editing?

Copy editing occurs during the creation process. Before your document is ready for final proofreading review, you may wish to have it read for correctness and clarity of argument. This is copyediting in a nutshell.

Most copy editing happens in draft form, such as in a Word or Google Doc (or similar depending on type of document, such as PPTX for a presentation). This is so that in-depth edits can be made and comments left for the author to return and make the edits to their own manuscript.

Copy editing by definition looks at structure and correctness of copy. It is not responsible for correctness of content. That is the job of a subject matter expert who can correct the content 

Why you need copy editing

Copy editing is necessary after the initial writing to correct for many common errors including clarity, structure, word usage, and proper citation of sources.

Every document should be copy edited before being published. Why?

Because content with stylistic errors, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors is shown to convert worse than correct copy. Bounce rates are also shown to increase by about 85% when copy is not clean.

If you care about how well your content performs to drive a business forward, it needs to be copy edited.


How EditorNinja works

Getting great editing shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s how it works on EditorNinja.

Submit your document

Upload your editing need to our portal in just a few clicks.

We'll review

We’ll make sure everything looks good and reach out with questions.

Ninja Edits

Your Ninja works diligently on your editing queue to the tune of 1,000 words or 1 document per day.

Delivered to you

Your documents come back to you ready to go. Like ninjas in the night.

Frequently Ask Questions

A copy editing service is simply a way to get your copy edited, either before it goes live or once it’s been live for a while, to correct for phrasing, tenses, grammar, and more. It is more than simply looking for typos!

Copy editors, when hired on your own, cost anywhere from $30-$55 per hour. The best are trained professionally, and it is possible to find freelance editors who have not been professionally trained for less per hour. At EditorNinja we take care of paying editors so you don’t have to think about it.

A copy editor’s main job is looking for spelling grammar, and language issues to make sure style guides are followed and the overall piece makes sense.

An editor looks at the whole piece and often has subject matter expertise to also look for correctness.

Simply put, editing deals with the content and meaning of the document whereas copy editing focuses on the technical elements and structure of the document. We recommend that customers have a subject-matter expert edit the document for correctness before it comes to EditorNinja.

A lot of freelancers and agencies worry about margins, as they should. But what’s more challenging than getting clients is keeping them, and you have probably lost clients because of subpar content work.

We’d argue that you can’t afford to not use EditorNinja. You can even bake it into your pricing so it pays for itself and then some.

Book a call to learn more.

EditorNinja is a subscription copy editing and proofreading service with US-based professionally trained editors. We make it easy to get your copy edited by providing an intuitive product where you upload your document to your queue and our editors work through your queue daily. Simple pricing, simple service, big value.

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“The difference between good and great is often an extra round of revision. The person who looks things over a second time will appear smarter or more talented, but actually is just polishing things a bit more. Take the time to get it right. Revise it one extra time.” - James Clear, Author