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78% of survey respondents said they’d be less likely to buy from a company that publishes typos.

Use EditorNinja’s proofreading services to produce error-free, professional, and on-brand content that is ready to convert visitors to customers.

Our expert proofreaders will carefully review your content to correct any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. We also provide suggestions to improve the clarity and readability of your writing, making it more engaging and effective.

Best of all, we do it for an easy flat-rate, so you never have a surprise invoice.

Proofreading services are included in our Unlimited Content Editing packages.

Professional Editors – Consistent Turnaround Times – Satisfaction Guaranteed

“We’ve been really happy with EditorNinja. It’s a good service, and so easy to use!”
Jimmy Daly
CEO, Superpath

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Easily submit new documents for editing. Maximize productivity with a full queue!

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Every subscriber account has a dedicated primary editor who gets to know you.

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Receive your first ready-for-review document the next business day.

Some Of Our top Proofreaders

Michael B.

Michael is a senior editor and our Senior Lead Editor. This means he works on specific accounts, with a keen interest in in-depth structural edits, as well as handling the content workflow and EditorNinja’s proprietary double-QA process for all customers.

Ariel T.

Ariel is a senior editor at EditorNinja. She works with customers who need both in-depth and copy editing as well as with customers with tight style guidelines. She has a keen eye for detail and is a pleasure to work with.

Robert G.

Robert (Robby) has been with EditorNinja since just two months after our start. He is currently our Senior Lead Editor, as well as a senior editor and writer. A father and keen cocktail enthusiast, Robert also has a keen eye for detail and has worked on content for many of our top customers.

What Our Proofreading Services Involve.

Proofreading occurs at the end of the creation process, because 56% of polled readers said typos would keep them from buying a product.

Proofreading historically happens when the document is in final form (such as a PDF) and primarily looks for errors like formatting, end-of-line breaks, widows, and hanging words.

Our proofreading services are coupled with copy editing and include the following:

  1. Review for final grammatical or spelling errors.
  2. Fact checking.
  3. Fixing unclear wording.
  4. Checking links.

How To Buy Proofreading Services.

Proofreading ensures that you publish content that is free of errors.

Our flat-rate proofreading services are affordable and convenient, with fast turnaround times. We can handle projects of any size, whether you have a single document or a catalog of website content needing proofreading.

When you buy proofreading services, make sure you understand:

  • How much content the editor or service will edit per day.
  • How to submit content.
  • How the service hires editors, or how much experience the freelancer has.
  • Contract lengths and satisfaction guarantees, if any.

Don’t let typos and grammatical errors hold you back. Choose our proofreading services and improve the quality of your written content today. 

Get started today, or schedule a free editorial assessment to discuss your needs with our expert team.

How EditorNinja works

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Frequently Asked Questions

EditorNinja is a subscription copy editing and proofreading service with US-based professionally trained editors.

We make it easy to get your copy edited by providing an intuitive product where you upload your document to your queue and our editors work through your queue daily. Simple pricing, simple service, big value.

Book a call today.

Every EditorNinja subscription includes copy editing, proofreading, and light line editing to correct for clarity and consistency of copy.

With an EditorNinja subscription, you also receive a primary editor who handles the bulk of your content. You also have a backup editor who gets to know your brand, so we can guarantee that your content gets edited in a timely fashion.

Most documents are returned in one to two business days once they begin editing. Longer documents take a bit longer.

You can always get more content edited per day by adding additional editing lanes or buying a bundle of words in advance to use over time.

If you have a lot of content (80+ pieces per month), let’s talk about a custom arrangement.

We ask every customer to join a shared Slack channel that includes anyone from your side plus the account manager, managing editor, and your primary editor from EditorNinja.

This gets all of us out of email and makes communication asynchronous and seamless.

Proofreading is often maligned as “just looking for typos,” but when copy is not proofread it is infinitely more likely to have errors that kill conversions.

Proofreaders make $10-$100 an hour depending on how experienced they are.

EditorNinja has professional editors who are trained to be expert proofreaders and copy editors. You pay one monthly price and get your content edited.

No more worrying about people management or paying freelancers on time. We take care of all of that.

Book a call today to see if EditorNinja is right for you.

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the final step of the editing process, where an editor reads through a fully edited piece to identify any last mistakes. At EditorNinja, we cover this with our double QA process, where the editor makes a copy of their edited piece, accepts all of their changes, and uses machine learning and the human eye to catch any final mistakes before sending it back to their managing editor for final QA. The managing editor receives the edited piece and applies their own QA process.

Is Professional Training Necessary For Proofreading?

Professional proofreading is not simply looking for typos, though it does include that. Professional proofreading also involves checking an editor’s edits to ensure they catch every error and that the document adheres to the given style guide. Simply scanning for typos does not require professional training and can be done by a colleague or friend. However, having a professional proofread your content gives it that extra level of polish.

Proofreading Fundamentals

Proofreading’s fundamentals include:
  1. Looking for sentence fragments
  2. Final formatting of line breaks and spaces between words and lines
  3. Checks for subject/verb agreement
  4. Check pronouns for common errors such as their/there or your/you’re.
Proofreading sometimes blurs in with copy editing, but they are two distinct parts of the editing process. Proofreaders will often read a document out loud to ensure it reads naturally, as this also helps catch any errors.

How Much Does A Proofreader Cost? (Proofreader Salary)

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for a proofreader ranges from $26,000-$70,000 in the United States.  Salary varies based on experience and the company you work for. A freelance proofreader can expect to make between $12-$30 per hour based on types of clients and turnaround speed, with an average of $18.67 in 2022. According to our data, 65% of freelance editors, including proofreaders, bill by the word instead of by the hour or the project, as billing by the hour penalizes them for working quickly and by the project penalizes them for taking on more significant projects.