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Do you have a large number of articles on your website  that used to rank well in Google, but over the years you’ve noticed it ranks worse, drives less traffic, and ultimately accounts for worse business results like leads or revenue?

You need to update that old content so it performs again. Some businesses like have seen a 40%+ lift in organic traffic by updating their old content!

If you’ve been thinking about updating your old content, look no further than our SEO Content Updating service!

Consistent Updating

Every weekday, your editor will work through your queue of submitted content for editing. We can even help you prioritize content based on your Search Console data.

Choose Your Engagement Size

Some customers want 10 articles per month updated. Others want 10 per week. Our pricing and services scale according to your unique needs.

Like Magic, with transparency

We’ll work together to create a list, then we’ll edit your content and you can see the progress any time you want within EditorNinja.

Content Updating has changed.

The Old Way

  1. Google around
  2. Research some platforms and agencies
  3. Research some freelancers
  4. Post a gig on a platform and send some emails
  5. Respond to these “SEO experts”
  6. Try a few out
  7. See deadlines slip
  8. Get a bill bigger than expected
  9. Decide “content updating doesn’t work for my business” even though it’s worked for your competitors
  10. Wait a few months
  11. Repeat the process

The EditorNinja Way

  1. Find EditorNinja online
  2. See how we make SEO content updating painless and effective
  3. Sign up or schedule a friendly Intro Call
  4. Get your questions answered
  5. Subscribe
  6. See every document we’re updating for you
  7. Get more performance from your old content

Isn't that better?

EditorNinja - SEO Content Updating without the painful hiring process.

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Why content Updating?

If you’re consistently creating or updating new content, whether blog posts or landing and sales pages, fresh content is the lifeblood of many digital businesses. 

Over time, however, content you’ve invested time and money to produce becomes stale and hidden in your website. SEO rankings slip, traffic slowly dwindles, and eventually it’s not driving any business for you. Leads and sales go down, and you can’t explain it.

Content updating and refreshing is your answer. Many studies conducted by the SEO industry have shown that updating old content to refresh the information given, citing sources and correcting old links, and generally cleaning up the content can produce big results. Like double to triple digit percentage increases in traffic.

On every piece you ask your editor to review (via uploading it to your queue), they will:

  • Ensure outbound links still work, and if not replace them with one that does;
  • Update statistics and information where they’re outdated;
  • Clean up grammar;
  • Organize content into proper headings and heading hierarchy (h2s, h3s, etc).

If needed, they can even republish the content onto a new optimized URL (if defined by you and in WordPress).

If your SEO traffic has dwindled and old content that you’re proud of and meets your customer’s needs has fallen out of favor, leverage EditorNinja’s SEO Content Updating Services to bring it back to producing leads and sales for the business.

Why your content needs editing

Whether you’re using blogging as content marketing to drive and educate audience, or you’re creating new landing pages with fresh copy to sell your offers, you need your copy to be on point. When it’s been around for a while, it needs to be refreshed so it can continue to rank and drive traffic that converts.

Leverage EditorNinja’s SEO Content Updating Services to refresh up your blog posts and landing pages so you can not only keep that traffic coming in, but also converting into paying customers.

You worry about the writing and selling. Let us worry about the editing and updating.


How EditorNinja's SEO Content Updating service works

SEO content updating shouldn’t be complicated or painful. Here’s how to get it done with EditorNinja.

Sign Up

Sign up, then we’ll add your URLs to our portal. Your account manager takes over from here.

Assigned To An Editor

Your account manager will prioritize your content and assign your editor. 

Your Content, Updated

Your SEO editor updates your content wherever it’s given, whether on your site or in Google Docs. Once each document is done, you’ll be notified.

Pricing Options

Order Now

Pricing: $250-$325 per article

Order the articles you need, with no lock-in. We’ll follow our proven SEO content updating process and return your documents to you on time.

Documents take 3 business days from submission to completion.


Pricing: From $900 Per Month

Get up to 10% off each article with an ongoing monthly subscription.

Speak with us to learn how we work with you to keep your content updated, so it ranks and converts.