Our Story

Every great company starts with a great story. 

Our story starts in 2008 when our founder John found himself with some good friends on the Costa Brava of Spain for 3 weeks editing fiction and drinking great local red wine. Before that, he wrote his first novel at the age of 9.

Content and writing have always been a part of John’s life, and his passion has been to bring quality content into the world for his whole storied career in digital marketing.

From his first entrepreneurial foray with a publishing company in Switzerland, to a career in digital marketing, and then as an entrepreneur connecting brands with agencies and now EditorNinja, content has been the constant in his life and career.

Below you’ll find the timeline to EditorNinja and why we do what we do.

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Founder John editing fiction on the Costa Brava of Spain in 2008.

2022 teaching entrepreneurs at a conference in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The EditorNinja Timeline

While EditorNinja officially launched in May 2020, the idea had been on John’s heart for decades.

Here’s the timeline that brought about EditorNinja.

~1999 - John's First Blog Goes Online

John launched his first “weblog” in 1999 on the Xanga platform to do what blogging was in those days – live journaling and community. He built a well read theology blog (true fact!) and at the age of 17 was interacting with some of the best theological minds of the day.


2008-2010 - Switzerland

John lived at the L’Abri community in Switzerland for 2 years, where he met his friend Ralph and worked on Destinee Media for about a year. In spring 2008, John and a group of friends stayed at Ralph’s vacation home on the Costa Brava of Spain for 3 weeks for free in return for editing Ralph’s fiction books.

2010 - John's professional blog launches

In 2010, John launched his personal professional blog johnfdoherty.com to write about his career in digital marketing and SEO. Over the next few years he grew it to 20,000+ visitors per month. He also worked with large brands to produce quality content for landing pages and marketing purposes.


2010-2013 - John Works Agency-Side

From 2010-2013 John worked at agencies in Philadelphia and New York City on Search Engine Optimization and content-based strategies to grow websites and companies. This is where he first got an understanding for how a company operates and produces content at scale. From producing content for an online education lead generation site to 80,000 words a month for a leading hotels brand, this time set the base for building companies based off content.

2013-2015 - John Goes In-house

In 2013, John took a position in San Francisco as the Online Marketing Manager for HotPads.com, part of the Zillow group of brands. He oversaw all online growth, including content where they grew audience to content from 0 to 90,000 visitors per month in about 9 months. This was where he got the taste for producing great content at scale and appreciating the role of editors.


2015-2022 - John Founds Credo

When John was laid off from his job in San Francisco, he started consulting on SEO for brands and working to get Credo, his digital agency matchmaking service, off the ground. Through this work, John worked with both brands and agencies where he identified their challenges around producing content that not only ranks for SEO but also converts visitors into leads and sales.

John stepped out of the day-to-day of Credo in late 2022 to focus on EditorNinja.

2020 - EditorNinja Launches From John's Cabin

At the start of the Covid pandemic, EditorNinja started to help brands who were laying off marketing teams find editing services quickly.

Starting as a very side project, the first 18 months of EditorNinja involved helping brands and agencies with one-off content editing needs.


January 2022- Subscription Editing Plans Launch

In early January 2022, the initial subscription editing plans launch. Starting with just one editor and 23,000 words edited in January, EditorNinja grows to 5 editors and 210,000 words edited by May 2022.

Summer/Fall 2022 - EditorNinja Starts To Scale

Summer 2022, EditorNinja starts to hit its stride. We have a strong team of editors and are editing content that appears on major media sites. 

Working closely with brands and content agencies, we’re building a creative brand that delivers top-notch services for a competitive price.

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John Fun

A Personal Note From John

John and family

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here at EditorNinja and reading a bit about our story.

I love content. I’ve always loved content. In fact, I consider myself a writer before anything else.

That’s why I started EditorNinja. I love writing good copy, reading good copy, and love seeing businesses use good copy to make a difference in the world. And it pains me to see bad copy that is hurting brands instead of helping them.

With a great team of editors powering EditorNinja, we’re on a mission to clean up the copy on the internet. And because we believe that what we do makes a difference, we donate a percentage of our revenue to Stripe Climate to give back to the world that literally gives us life. So you could say we’re a mission-driven organization as well.

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope to speak with you about your editing needs. Schedule a free editorial consultation, and let’s discus how we can take your copy to the next level together.

Founder, EditorNinja

Your success is our success.

Here at EditorNinja, we believe that your success in showing a professional, error-free face to the world is our success.

That’s why we employ top-shelf editors, operators, account managers, and support staff to make sure you’re happy and successful.

Your documents, edited quickly and affordably

Your first document comes back to you within 24 hours of joining EditorNinja. 

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