How EditorNinja Works

Learn how we guarantee great editing turned around fast for one simple monthly fee.

Upload your document to your queue

To start, upload your first document to EditorNinja. Within 24 hours we’ll review and assign an editor who has the right experience for your needs.

Custom software works in the background

At our core, we’re software entrepreneurs obsessed with performance and simplicity. So we built software that works in the background to deliver you great work.

Editors vetted and categorized according to experience and strengths.

Quick matching and easy workflows to get your work back to you fast.


Our editors go to work

Once you upload your document to your queue, our systems go to work finding you the perfect editor.

Manager reviews request

A manager reviews your request to make sure we understand the brief.

Manager Assigns editor

The manager then assigns your document to the right editor.

Editor Edits Your Document

Once assigned, the editor gets to work editing your document.

Returned to you

Once completed, the editor passes the document back to QA and then on to you.

Your documents returned ready-to-publish

Within about 1-2 days from the time it enters editing (you have full visibility into your queue within EditorNinja), your document will come back to you edited in Google Docs and ready to take and publish wherever you see fit.

All documents will have editing suggestions and comments for you to review if you desire.

What you get

Document edited and returned via Google Docs

All edits and suggested edits available for review by you.

Request revisions as many times as needed until it’s right.