How EditorNinja Works

Learn how we guarantee great editing turned around fast for a simple monthly flat rate.

First, a quick word from our founder, John. 👇

Take the next step by booking an Intro Call with our team. We’ll use that to define the perfect package for you!

Here's How Our Process Works

Once you sign up, we put our proven 4-step E.D.I.T. process to work to make sure we’re both successful.


Step 1. Establish your editor relationship

Once you’re signed up, we’ll connect you will your account manager and editor via Slack, which streamlines communication.

We choose your editor based on how well their specific experience matches your needs.

Step 2. Deliver The First Content To Your Editor

Now that you know your editor, add your first documents to EditorNinja. We’ll review and assign your editor.

They’ll edit one document at a time, and send it back to you for feedback.

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Step 3. Instruct Your Editor On Any Changes

Now that you’ve had your first documents returned, it’s time to give your editor specific feedback on areas you want them to handle differently, according to your style guides and preferences.

They’ll ask any clarifying questions and integrate your feedback into your future documents.

Step 4. Take Off The Brakes

Now that your editor is up to speed and you’re familiar with our process, it’s time to take off the brakes!

Give us blog posts, white papers, sales pages, emails, anything you can think of. We’ll take them and your editor will make sure they’re ready for prime time!