Our Manifesto - What We Believe

Let’s be honest. You’re not really looking for “content editing services.”

Sure, that might be what you Googled to get here, and it’s what we do for you and our other customers.

But you don’t want it. What you want is what content editing services will get you:

  1. People who understand your message better.
  2. More conversions from your copy.
  3. More time to create more great content.
  4. More website traffic that converts.
  5. Fewer “hey, there’s a typo on this page” DMs from your CEO or boss.

Editing is a commodity. We know that. You can go to any of our competitors and get great editing done.

But it’s what we believe that sets us and our service apart from everyone else.

This Is What We Believe About Editing

You can edit after the fact, but you shouldn’t have to.

The majority of promotion happens right when something goes live. Typos and other errors will negatively impact the effectiveness of your new content or campaign.


Typos hurts conversions and referrals

Even professionally produced content isn’t often free from typos, and readers notice.  

Editing Isn't Just About Typos

A great editor makes your content sing with structural edits, clarifications on the narrative, and a lot more.

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*Your* Time Is Better Spent Elsewhere

Your time is almost definitely better spent creating new content, rather than polishing things that are close to ready to go. As Dan Martell says, “80% done by others is 100% awesome.”

You're Probably Overpaying For Editing

Most companies or agencies overpay for editing, and don’t even realize it. Outsourcing to EditorNinja saves you marketing budget, so you can see more results for the same spend.


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