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When you need content editing at scale for an enterprise, you need EditorNinja.

We’re a team of professional editors who edit hundreds of thousands of words and hundreds of pieces of (mostly marketing) content every single month.

From blog posts to sales pages, email copy to press releases, we have the expertise to make sure your content is correct and free of errors before it’s published. Because we all know enterprises can’t afford to publish typos and other errors.

We’re happy to sign NDAs, and we take customer privacy seriously.

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Professional Editors – Consistent Turnaround Times – Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Hiring Editors has changed.

The Old Way

  1. Google around
  2. Research some platforms
  3. Research some editors
  4. Post a gig on a platform
  5. Respond to editors
  6. Speak with editors you found yourself
  7. Try a few out
  8. See deadlines slip
  9. Get a bill bigger than expected
  10. Decide “editing doesn’t work for my business”
  11. Wait a few months
  12. Repeat the process

The EditorNinja Way

  1. Find EditorNinja online
  2. See how we make editing easy
  3. Schedule a friendly demo
  4. Get your questions answered
  5. Subscribe
  6. See when every document will be returned
  7. Publish better content

Isn't that better?

EditorNinja - Hire editors without the painful freelancer hiring process.


Easily add your documents to your queue via the EditorNinja portal. Your editor(s) work through your queue each day.

Whatever editing your document needs, we can handle it. And we’ll keep working on it until it’s right.

Receive your edited document back to your inbox in just 1-2 business days. Review, publish, and watch your business grow.

Why Editing?

From the funny to the truly cringe-worthy, mistakes in your copy cost the business money. For enterprises, mistakes can be very costly.

Whether your content needs deep developmental editing so you can help your writers improve, or copy editing and proofreading to sanity check content before it goes live in a big marketing campaign, EditorNinja is here.

Our editors are professionally trained to make sure your content is ready to be sent off.

Onboard editors for your enterprise quickly through EditorNinja.

Why Enterprises Use Our Editing Services

EditorNinja’s founder is veteran content marketer and serial entrepreneur John Doherty, who formerly ran content programs for two of Zillow’s nationwide properties as well as many other enterprises as a consultant.

We know how enterprises work and what it takes to get the job done right. We also know that enterprises hire professionals and can’t afford to publish content with errors.

To handle your volume, our systems are built to scale. We’ve edited thousands of pieces of content, from blog posts to social posts and press releases, and would love to do the same for you.

Questions Enterprises Frequently Ask About EditorNinja

Most of our editors are dual-Masters holders out of a small school in Virginia. We also have some other professional editors with at least 8 years of editing and content production experience.

We’re a remote team with a presence in every major US time zone plus Europe.

Yes! Every subscription comes with a primary account owner, a billing email, and seats for others within your organization. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to invite others as well as administrative options to remove or add users.

Every account receives 10 teammate accounts to start, but if you need more just ask your account manager and we’ll add more to your account! 

Our pricing is built on the “unlimited” subscription model. You can add as many documents to your editing queue as you like, and your editor (both primary and back-up) works through your queue at the rate of about an average length document per day.

Customers with a higher volume of content can increase their subscription at any time, adding on documents and words per day.

We also have a few optional options:

  1. increase the number of words edited per document per day;
  2. same-day turnaround (on a 3 hour SLA);
  3. document formatting.

Schedule a call to discuss your enterprise’s specific needs.

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