Use Cases

For Agencies

As an agency that is producing content for clients, you need to make sure that all work returned to clients is top-notch and ready to publish.

If you return content with typos that needs revisions, they’re not happy and you may lose that client.

For Marketing Teams

As an editorial team that is producing a lot of content, you should be able to focus on great strategy and content rather than the editing.

Most content teams spend days per month editing when they should be focusing on writing!

For Enterprises

From blog posts to sales pages, email copy to press releases, we have the expertise to make sure your content is correct and free of errors before it’s published.

We all know that enterprises can’t afford to publish typos and other errors, so schedule an intro call today.


Freelancers looking to scale, or buy back time in their schedule to do more of what they love, use EditorNinja to scale in a cost-effective way.

We’ve been freelancers ourselves, and employ freelance editors, so we know firsthand how hard it is. EditorNinja is here to help.

Sales Teams

Selling is hard enough as it is, so why make it harder on yourself by presenting something that has typos in it?

Research tells us that 83% of people with a household income of $75k and up would be less likely to buy a product advertised with mistakes. Use EditorNinja to improve your sales rates!

For publishers

Your business runs off producing content that people want to read that you can then monetize whether through affiliate links or your own products. Conversions matter to your business, and nothing kills conversions like typos and errors. 


As a non-native English speaker, it can be hard to accurately communicate the benefits of your product to an English-speaking audience.

Increasingly we’re seeing products developed outside the US targeting US audiences specifically, but the marketing websites are not written by native English speakers.