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EditorNinja for Non-Native English

As a non-native English speaker, it can be hard to accurately communicate the benefits of your product to an English-speaking audience. Increasingly we’re seeing products developed outside the US targeting US audiences specifically, but the marketing websites are not written by native English speakers. Grammatical and copy errors kill conversions and can unfortunately keep a product from gaining good traction in the US.

This is why EditorNinja is a great fit for non-native English speakers just like you! Get great editing done at an affordable price so you can gain traction in the US market.

EditorNinja’s copy editing services include the following:

  1. Content consistency
  2. Content structure
  3. Clarity of words used
  4. Cross references
  5. Grammar
  6. Punctuation
  7. Spelling

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Why copy editing?

Copy editing occurs during the creation process. Before your document is ready for final proofreading review, you may wish to have it read for correctness and clarity of argument. This is copyediting in a nutshell.

Most copy editing happens in draft form, such as in a Word or Google Doc (or similar depending on type of document, such as PPTX for a presentation). This is so that in-depth edits can be made and comments left for the author to return and make the edits to their own manuscript.

Why Non-native English speakers need copy editing

Copy editing is necessary after the initial writing to correct for many common errors including clarity, structure, word usage, and proper citation of sources.

Copy written by non-native speakers for English-speaking audiences tends to contain grammatical and copy errors that hurt conversions. But with the right editor, that copy can read as if it was written by a native English speaker and convert just as well.

Long story short, as a non-native English writer you need EditorNinja because we make your copy look as if it was written by a native speaker.

How EditorNinja works

Getting great editing shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s how it works on EditorNinja.

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