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NGOs and nonprofits produce world-changing content that deserves to be seen.

EditorNinja is here to help you get your message out to the world even more effectively, by helping you scale editing for a price you can afford.

We’ve helped global NGOs and local nonprofits alike to make sure everything they’re creating does their brand and message proud.

"This is the best thought out and most delightful editing experience I've ever had in my years of producing content.
We're EditorNinja customers for life."
Daniel Sendecki
VP Content, Citizen Relations

Easy submission

Easily submit new documents to EditorNinja for editing.

Unlimited revisions

Request as many revisions as you like for each document.

Delivered ready to publish

Receive your ready-to-publish document into your inbox in 1-2 days. It’s kind of like magic.

How EditorNinja works

Getting great editing shouldn’t be complicated.

Here’s how it works once you sign up.

Submit your documents

Add your Google Doc to your queue in our portal, in just a few clicks. Use our handy bookmarklet to speed it up.

We'll review

We’ll make sure everything looks good and queue it up in your editor’s queue.

Your Editor Edits

Your editor works diligently on your editing queue every day.

Delivered to you

Your documents come back to you ready to go, with a few editor comments.

Why Content Editing?

Here at EditorNinja, we know that you’re the subject experts. But content teams spend too much time on the other stages of editing, when they could outsource it for a fraction of the cost as doing it internally.

That’s why we’re here.

When your copy has been drafted, it needs to be edited for clarity, consistency, and strength of arguments.

When that’s all taken care of, you need it edited for technical correctness, brand adherence, and clarity of argument. This is copy editing in a nutshell.

Most copy editing happens in draft form, such as in a Word or Google Doc (or similar depending on type of document, such as PPTX for a presentation). This is so that in-depth edits can be made and comments left for the author to return and make the final edits to their own manuscript where needed.

While your content is being copy edited, it should also be proofread to catch any final typos or errors that keep content from performing and driving results for you and your business.

Why NGOs & Nonprofits need EditorNinja

As an NGO or nonprofit, your message matters. Getting it out into the world is hard, and leveraging it to raise awareness of causes, and even to raise funds to continue raising awareness of your cause, is important.

EditorNinja exists to help organizations get their message out to the world.

Whether that’s a global NGO fighting hunger, a small nonprofit publishing a piece on illegal mining in the Amazon, or a business trying to reach more of their ideal customers, EditorNinja has the experience to help you.

Our professional editors love working with organizations producing content that can change the world.

Ultimately, We Have Three Goals For You

Save Time

Save a ton of time over your current approach. Put that time towards strategy and growing your impact.

Stop Overpaying For Editing

Stop overpaying for editing by having expensive writers or in-house people doing it.

Drive Better Business Results

Get more traffic, convert more readers to fans, and drive more impact from your content.

What Do You Need?