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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are EditorNinja's Services?

EditorNinja offers content services in the following ways:

  1. Unlimited Content Editing – Add as many documents as you want to your queue and your editor works on your content every day. Starts at $249/mo. Learn more here.
  2. SEO Content Updating – if you have a lot of old content that you need updated and revised so it ranks well in Google again, we have editors who specialize in this. Learn more here.
  3. SEO Content Writing – our writers write top-notch SEO content that ranks for your keywords and converts readers into customers. Learn more here.
  4. Single Documents – We offer a few options here:
    1. If you want to test out our service with one article, check out our flat-rate options here based on your article length.
    2. If you have a long research paper or a book, a single document is the right direction for you. You can get a quote here (and move forward without speaking with anyone!) or get a quote and schedule a call with our team to get all of your questions answered.

What Does Editing Involve?

Our editors are true editors, meaning they work with existing content and don’t do strategy. That said, these are the types of editing they do:

  1. Developmental editing – Working with existing content to improve the structure, narrative, story, etc. Our editors give heavy feedback to writers, who then work on their next draft and submit it back to us.
  2. Line editing – A close line-by-line reading of the piece to make it more clear and easier to understand.
  3. Copy editing – Using a provided style guide or editing style, editors go through the piece word by word to fix things like Oxford commas, title vs sentence case, how individual words are preferred to be spelled, and more. Copy editing is 95% of what our editors do for customers.
  4. Proofreading – The final read of a document before it is ready for publishing. In traditional analog publishing, this was done after the letters were set but before mass production was started. In digital writing, it’s simply a read through after copy editing before it’s published.

What About SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is super important to content being found online. In fact, EditorNinja’s founder, John, spent 10 years as a professional SEO consultant and working at Zillow!

We do have an SEO offering, as an add-on to regular editing, for ensuring your content is optimized to rank well in Google. Schedule an Intro Call to learn more.

What About AI Content?

AI is the new darling of content marketing and content production. We’ve edited millions of words of AI content for both marketing agencies and product teams producing it at scale to help their SEO for marketplaces or other big websites.

So yes, we can handle your AI content. Book an Intro Call to discuss.

Do I Get A Dedicated Editor?


Every editing subscription gets a Primary Editor (who edits most of your content) and a Secondary Editor, who is familiar with your account and can step in if needed!

Every writing account also has a primary writer who writes for them.

How Does EditorNinja Work?

Submitting Content to EditorNinja

Using our custom portal, you can add content into your queue by filling out a few form fields and submitting the Google Doc link. Our lead editors will then review your request and assign it to your editor with Start and Due dates.

For accounts over 75,000 words per month, we also offer a bulk upload option where your account manager will take a spreadsheet of provided content, complete with name, link, brief, and word count, and load it into your queue for you.

Viewing The Queue

You can always view all of your submitted requests and see where they are in process. You can also see who the editor is and when the document will be returned. If needed, you can bump a document up in the queue by simply asking your account manager.

There are 3 ways to view your queue:

  • Table view as seen below,
  • Card view, similar to Trello, and
  • Calendar view.

What Formats Does EditorNinja Edit In?

We are currently able to support the following formats:

  1. Google Docs – For all articles and any other written documents. We edit on Suggesting Mode and return both that version and a “clean” version with all edits accepted to you.
  2. PDFs – We edit these within Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  3. Sheets/Excel – We can edit within Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. We are not able to track changes in these, so edits will simply be made in the text.
  4. Microsoft Word – We are happy to edit longer documents, such as books or similar types of documents, in Microsoft Word using Track Changes.

What Does EditorNinja Cost?

Our services are priced according to the type of engagement you need. Monthly, Bundles, and single documents are all available to you.

Is There A Minimum Engagement Length?

There is not a minimum engagement length, though we do offer discounts and are willing to negotiate payment and contract terms for engagements that are six or more months long.

How Do I Get More Words Per Month Without Increasing The Service Type?

Our model is built to scale with you. Say you’re on one level and want to increase your output. Discuss this with your account manager and they can easily add on another “lane” to increase your monthly and daily outputs.

Can You Invoice Me For Work Completed?

Almost all payments happen via credit card. We are happy to send an invoice for longer commitments that are paid upfront (and receive a discount).

You can always find your automatic payment receipts, in PDF format, in your Account section within EditorNinja.

How to Best Get Started?

The best way to get started depends on your need!

If you just have a simple one-time need, get a quote here and then create your account and check out.

For all other needs, book an Intro Call!

Who Are EditorNinja's Editors?

All of our editors are US and Canada-based freelancers who we employ to work specifically on customer content. Many have one or two Master’s degrees, while the rest all have years of professional editing experience. We test every editor with a paid test project before they are hired.

How Do I Become An Editor?

EditorNinja hires editors as we have the need, which comes from bringing on more customers. The best way to become an EditorNinja is to be referred by an existing editor. The second best way to is to be approved for our Extended Network, from which we hire when we have the need. You can apply for that here.