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When content needs to be reviewed in-depth, you need developmental editing. Whether you call it substantive, heavy, or comprehensive editing, the result is the same.

Developmentally edited content is:

  1. well-structured,
  2. well-argued, 
  3. consistent,
  4. correct.

EditorNinja’s professional developmental editing services are here to help you present better copy to the world through expert editing.

Our MFA-level editors offer developmental editing services that bring your manuscript or marketing content to the next level. Our editors have years of experience working with writers at all levels, from busy entrepreneurs to seasoned content marketers. They’ll help you identify and strengthen the core elements of your piece, while also providing feedback on your writing style. They’ll also offer suggestions for revising and polishing your work.

Trust our team to help you turn your content into polished, publishable material that achieves your goals.

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Hiring Developmental Editors has changed.

The Old Way

  1. Google around
  2. Research some platforms
  3. Research some editors
  4. Post a gig on a platform
  5. Respond to editors
  6. Speak with editors you found yourself
  7. Try a few out
  8. See deadlines slip
  9. Get a bill bigger than expected
  10. Decide “editing doesn’t work for my business”
  11. Wait a few months
  12. Repeat the process

The EditorNinja Way

  1. Find EditorNinja online
  2. See how we make editing easy
  3. Schedule a friendly demo
  4. Get your questions answered
  5. Subscribe
  6. Get content back fast
  7. Publish better content

Isn't that better?

EditorNinja - Developmental Editors Without The Painful Hiring Process.

Why Developmental Editing?

There’s a lot of content on the internet, and it’s often not very good.

That’s because it hasn’t been edited, and the first step of editing should always be developmental editing.

When an editor developmentally edits your content, you can be sure that they’re editing it for organization and clarity, ensuring that the narrative makes sense and the reader will understand what you’re trying to communicate.

Publish better content with EditorNinja.

Why Your Content Needs Developmental Editing

When you’re creating articles as content marketing to drive and educate audience to convert them into a subscriber and then a customer, you need your copy to be clean, correct, and on-brand. 

More than that, you need to be sure it makes sense and will convince someone to take the next step with your business.

Leverage EditorNinja’s convenient developmental editing services to tighten up your articles, blog posts, and other content so that traffic and those new subscribers keep rolling in.

How EditorNinja works

Getting great editing shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s how it works on EditorNinja.

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“The difference between good and great is often an extra round of revision. The person who looks things over a second time will appear smarter or more talented, but actually is just polishing things a bit more. Take the time to get it right. Revise it one extra time.” - James Clear, Author