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Are you investing in blog posts as a customer acquisition strategy? Whether it’s for a business or a personal blog meant to gain followers and clients, for your own website or a client’s, blog content can still be a massive traffic driver.

But there’s no conversion killer like mass typos. You can go back and fix them one-off when your audience tells you about them, but wouldn’t it be better to catch them ahead of time?

While there’s no hard data we can find (yet!) about how much conversions drop, this article tells us that “Professionals who failed to progress to a director-level position within the first 10 years of their careers made 2.5 times as many grammar mistakes as their director-level colleagues.”

Typos kill conversions and harm careers!

So before you hit Publish on that post, get it reviewed by EditorNinja’s trained editors. We’ll turn it around in 48 hours from time of approval, and you can keep focusing on what you do best – writing and growing your business.

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Why blog posts?

Blog posts are a long-hallowed tradition of online marketing. While blogging was initially a personal thing in the early days of the internet, businesses soon coopted it and blogs and resource centers have become staples of online marketing, especially for SEO purposes.

Through blogging, you can build and educate your audience while driving new visitors to your site who you can convert into a customer or monetize via advertising or other means.


Why you need Blog post editing

When you’re using blogging as content marketing to drive and educate audience to convert them into a subscriber and then a customer, you need your copy to be on point.

Leverage EditorNinja’s convenient and fast flat rate editing services to tighten up your blog posts and keep that traffic and those new subscribers rolling in.


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