How Much Do Editors Charge in 2024? (Proprietary Data!)

Welcome to EditorNinja’s first editor pricing survey! We’re always being asked by: So, we decided to go to our data and find out. Methodology To find the below numbers, we went to our database of writers and editors (if you’re a writer or editor, you should apply here to join our extended network, which is … Read more

How many e-commerce companies have errors on their homepage?

You may have seen recently our study on the percentage of SaaS companies that have errors on their homepage. If not, I recommend that you check that out. With those findings under our belt, I felt that the next logical type of business to audit is e-commerce. E-commerce companies after all have dramatically grown over … Read more

How many SaaS companies have errors on their homepage?

Afraid you’re one of the 94%+ of SaaS companies with errors on their homepage? Use our single document editing service option to get your web page professionally edited for just $99, returned to you in 1-2 business days. The big vision and statement behind EditorNinja is to reduce the number of companies that are hurting … Read more