Two Years In The Market

Two Years In The Market - An EditorNinja Update - hero image

Two years and 2 day ago, on January 7, 2022, I launched EditorNinja’s subscription editing offer. We had 2 customers on our launch day, and continued to run. After a fitful 2022, full of a lot of lessons and a lot of promise, I doubled down on EditorNinja in 2023. Since launch, we’ve: This business … Read more

Shouldn’t All Services Have A Calendar View?

One of our core values at EditorNinja is transparency. We take a higher-touch approach than most other productized services because we know our customers to know exactly who is editing their document and when to expect it back. As users of productized services ourselves in the past, one of the common questions we’ve had and … Read more

Announcing *Teams* on EditorNinja

Announcing Teams on EditorNinja

tl:DR – we’ve built a new Teams feature for EditorNinja customers. Invite your teammates to your EditorNinja account so they can add content to your queue also. It’s already live for existing customers. If you’re not a customer yet, you can schedule an intro call here to see if we’re a fit. Content and marketing … Read more

Some New Optional Add-Ons for EditorNinja Customers

Building a service like EditorNinja is an interesting experience. While this is not my first rodeo building a productized service like this, EditorNinja has moved significantly faster than the others and my experience from past businesses has also allowed me to move a lot faster to meet market demand. I make it a point to … Read more

New in EditorNinja: Add Brand Documents By Site

When you’re working with an editor, it’s important that they have access to content documents such as writer and editor briefs as well as company style guides. To this point in EditorNinja’s existence, we’ve asked customers to include these links in each individual document’s brief so that the editor has access. Today that changes! We’ve … Read more

Introducing Word Bundles

One of my cardinal rules of building companies is listening to what people want to buy. If I hear it once, then I note it down. If I hear it twice, I pay attention. And if I hear it three times, then I know it’s time to think seriously, scope and prioritize, and ultimately build … Read more