How To Count Characters in Google Docs

How To Count Characters in Google Docs

Need to count characters in Google Docs? It’s pretty simple and happens in the same place as counting words in Google Docs. Let’s say you have a document titled “How to count characters in Google Docs.” You have a blog post written about said topic. But for some reason, your client is asking you how … Read more

How Content Marketing Teams Are Structured

How Content Marketing Teams Are Structured

Over the last year or so, I’ve become very interested in how companies grow. I’ve built a few small companies (mid-six figures in annual revenue, with six to ten people including full-time and freelancers), but I’ve also worked inside of and with much larger companies like Zillow, IHG, and many more where I’ve built, managed, … Read more

When to Use a Comma before “And”

When To Use A Comma Before "And"

Commas serve two main functions: separating items in a list and separating independent clauses. Whether you put a comma before “and” depends on the situation.  Putting a comma before and in a list is generally optional, though style guides have different rules on this.  In general, you should always put a comma before and if … Read more

Acronym vs. Initialism — What’s the Difference?

Acronym vs Initialism

In spoken and written language, we often shorten long words and phrases into different kinds of abbreviations. Sometimes, single words are abbreviated, like when we say “prep” for prepare or when we write “min” for a minute.  Phrases with multiple words are often shortened into initialisms and acronyms, which are both abbreviations that use the … Read more

Sentence Case Vs. Title Case — What’s The Difference?

Sentence Case Vs. Title Case — The Difference and When to Use Each

Sentence case and title case are two ways of capitalizing words in titles, headlines, headings, and, well, sentences. In this article, I’ll compare these two styles, providing examples of each and offering information on when to use them. Sentence Case and Title Case Key Takeaways Sentence Case Title Case Comparing Sentence Case and Title Case … Read more

The 6 Best Copy Editing Services (Updated 2024)

When you’re producing a lot of content, having an editor that you trust is key. Not only do you need them to work through your volume of content, but you also need them to make sure that content is correct and makes your or your client’s brand shine. But hiring editors is hard, expensive, and … Read more

Some New Optional Add-Ons for EditorNinja Customers

Building a service like EditorNinja is an interesting experience. While this is not my first rodeo building a productized service like this, EditorNinja has moved significantly faster than the others and my experience from past businesses has also allowed me to move a lot faster to meet market demand. I make it a point to … Read more

“Neighbour” vs “Neighbor” – What’s The Difference?

Unraveling the mystery of “neighbour vs neighbor” and understanding the subtleties of their usage. Have you ever found yourself confused about how to spell the word for the person who lives next door? Is it “neighbour” or “neighbor”? If you’re not sure when to use each spelling, you’re not alone. Many people find these two … Read more

Your Guide to the Top 10 Most Commonly Confused English Words

The Top 10 Most Commonly Confused English Words

Words that are commonly confused because they look or sound alike are called homonyms, from the Greek roots homo, meaning “same” and numos, meaning “name.” Homonyms can be divided into homophones (which sound alike) and homographs (which have the same spelling). Below are some of the most commonly confused English homonyms, with definitions and examples. … Read more

Types Of Content Marketing To Use To Grow Your Business

Blog posts. Articles. Epic guides. 10x content. Infographics. You’re probably heard a lot of terms tossed around as you’ve been researching content marketing and trying to wrap your head around just how in the heck it can help you grow your business. Since you’re invested in growing your business online, you’re probably already investing in … Read more

What Is A Mnemonic?

What Is A Mnemonic

Mnemonic (nih-MON-ik).  It’s a funny word. Silent M? When does that happen? Never. Well, almost never, except in this word — and related words. So what is a mnemonic? A mnemonic, or mnemonic device, is a memory aid — something simple that helps you remember something more complex. And what about that silent M anyway? … Read more

Your Guide to Proofreading Marks

Proofreading marks, which are also called “proofreaders’ marks,” “proofreading marks,” and “editing marks,” signify mistakes in printed copy. Proofreaders and editors generally use a red pen to note them on the page.  Though much editing, like the editing done here at EditorNinja, is now done digitally within shared docs and other word processors, written proofreading … Read more

Your Guide to the 9 Parts of Speech

Grammarians categorize English words into groups, which we call Parts of Speech. Most guides will tell you that there are eight or nine parts of speech, depending on a few factors, like whether they include interjections. Each part of speech serves a particular function, which I will describe below. The parts of speech we will … Read more

Who’s vs Whose – What’s The Difference?

If you’re mixing up who’s and whose, you’re not alone. They sound the same, and they look pretty similar, too. But they’re not the same.  Who’s is a contraction that means “who is,” and whose is a possessive that shows ownership. Still unclear? This little guide is here to help. Who’s and whose are easy … Read more