The Best Copy Editing Agencies

When you’re producing a lot of content, having an editor that you trust is key. Not only do you need them to work through your volume of content, you also need them to make sure that content is correct and makes your or your client’s brand shine.

But hiring editors is hard. It’s expensive. It’s risky.

Because of this, if you’ve been through it before, you probably know that hiring a copy editing agency is likely the right direction for you. But, doing that comes with its own risks.

In this article I’m going to share with you the top copy editing agencies available online, cover what a copy editing agency is, explain why agencies can be great to work with, and will point out some common pitfalls to avoid when working with agencies.

Top Copy Editing Agencies

If you are looking for a copy editing agency, here are the best online!


First up is EditorNinja. We are the internet’s only subscription flat rate copy editing service. Every document through EditorNinja is copy edited (and proofread!) by US-based MFA-trained editors who have also taught editing and writing at the university level. Copy editing for content agencies and in-house brand content team is what we do.

How it works is easy. First schedule a call with the team to learn a bit more and discuss your needs to make sure EditorNinja is the right fit for you. Then subscribe and add your documents to your queue. You’ll be assigned an editor who is primarily responsible for your content, though you also have a backup editor who gets to know your brand and steps in to help your primary editor.

Keep your queue full to maximize your subscription, and never wonder again about quality or cost.

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Next up is Wordy. Wordy is a proofreading-first editing service that also offers copy editing services. Based out of the UK, they have editors in the UK, US, and Australia to handle your English-language editing needs. They provide support 9-5 GMT every day, making them a great fit for UK-based companies.

Their proofreaders are available 24-7.

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Editor World

Editor World is a Virginia based editing service with editors in the US, UK, and Canada. They provide primarily editing services for students, authors, academics, and government professionals.

With Editor World, you submit individual documents that are charged on a per-word basis. Pricing scales based on turn around and number of words you need edited. You submit your document, select an editor, and then get your document back edited.

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Proofed is another editing service that offers professional editing. They offer both proofreading and editing services to businesses, authors, students, and more. They also offer formatting services for content.

If you just need proofreading services, Proofed is a great option to consider. If you’re looking for fuller copy and content editing services, you’ll have to request that specifically.

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ServiceScape is a full marketplace that has copy editors and proofreaders for you to choose from and work with. Experience, location, and price vary by freelancer, though most seem to be professional editors.

If you need other content services too, like translation or graphic design, then Service Scape can handle that too.

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TrueEditors (UK)

Finally, you have TrueEditors out of the UK who offer proofreading and copy editing services. They also work on a per-document basis and specifically talk about experience with academics, businesses, authors, and job applicants.

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What is a copy editing agency?

A copy editing agency is an outsourced organization that employs copy editors who can edit your content. If you’re producing content at scale and struggling to hire editors who can keep up or who are qualified, a copy editing agency can be a great solution to get started and get edited documents back quickly.

Why can agencies be great to work with?

Agencies can be great to work with for a few reasons.

First, you can get started with them quickly. Most agencies are always able to take on new customers.

Second, you know what you’re getting. Agencies that you work with should be specialized in the area you are hiring them for.

Third, agencies take care of the hardest part of hiring. They find the editors, assign them the work, train them, conduct performance reviews, and all of that. If an editor quits or is fired, they are responsible for replacing them.

What are common pitfalls to avoid when working with an agency?

There are a few common pitfalls to avoid when hiring and working with an agency.

First, don’t hire an agency or service that doesn’t have a set process for how they work. They should be able to explain the steps to getting started as well as what to expect and when while working with them.

Second, agencies should give you an account manager. Sometimes this is seen as unnecessary overhead, but you know that a great account manager is worth their weight in gold. If you’re not paying for an account manager, you are the account manager.

Third and finally, a copy editing agency shouldn’t sell you a specific number of hours if you’re using their services. Their output should be handling the volume of content you send to them and turning it around in a reasonable amount of time. If you need a specific amount of hours, it’s best to work with a freelancer or a Dedicated Editor like we offer at EditorNinja as well.

Ready To Work With A World Class Copy Editing Agency?

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