“Log in” vs “Login” vs “Log-In”

The main difference between “log in” and “login” is that “log in” is a verb where an action is being taken, and “login” is a noun referring to a thing such as your “user login” for a website.

Continuing in our series of This or That, today we’re discussing the “this, that, or other” conundrum of when to use “log in,” “login,” or “log-in.”

If you use the internet as much as I do, you see all three pretty often. Similar to “Sign-Up” vs “Sign Up,” it’s common to see all three used at various times.

But which is correct and at what point?

“Log in” vs “Login” vs “Log-In”

The simplest way to remember which to use when is this:

  1. When in noun form, use “login”.
  2. When using it as a verb, use “log in”.
  3. “Log-in” is not common usage.

Login as a noun

“Login” is used when you’re referring to a thing, such as your username and password combination as a “login.”

Usage like “my login stopped working” is common and technically correct.

Log In as a verb

“Log in” is a verb, or action, for the act of signing into something.

For example, “You need to first log in and then you will be able to order some more widgets.”

Using Login and Log In Together

Because these terms are used differently, it is very possible and even very correct to use them in the same sentence.

Here is an example”

“Log in using your login to access the widget ordering screen.”


What about “Log-in?”

While it is used fairly often online (Google returns 16,140,000,000 for the search “log-in”), “log-in” is technically not correct and should thus be avoided.

It is more correct to use “log in” for referring to the action and “login” for noun usage.

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