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"We tried some other options and no one could compete with EditorNinja. Transparent pricing, on-time delivery – in my mind, no one else can compete with this service at this time.”
Matt Pritchett
Co-Owner & CEO, SendWP and Quillbee

Who Are You?

Produce more great B2B content, faster, and grow traffic and leads.

Scale client content without adding full-time overhead.

Handle the volume of content your organization requires.

All of your organization’s content edited on-time and within budget.

Produce content that ranks and converts.


Scale quality content that drives revenue, on-demand,  without overhead.

Our Most Popular Services

Produce perfect documents and reduce in-house editing time.

SEO content that drives SEO traffic and business results.

Update old marketing blog posts so they rank like they used to.

Make sure blog posts are free of errors that affect rankings and leads.

Editing for content produced with generative AI tools.

Editing of native or translated Spanish-language content.

Content production is a lot of work. We offer an easier way to scale.

Are you frustrated with unreliable freelancers and inconsistent content quality? We help brands and agencies scale their content production seamlessly through reliable outsourcing that ensures your content is on-brand, engaging, ranks high on Google, and drives real business results.

Skip the hassle of finding, hiring, training, firing, and managing editors or writers, so you can focus on producing more great content at scale.


Schedule a call with our team to learn more about how we work with you, and to tell us more about your content needs.

Easily add your documents to your queue via the EditorNinja portal. Your dedicated professional content team works on your queue each day.

Whatever your document needs, we can handle it. And we’ll keep working on it until it’s right.

Receive your documents back to your inbox on time, every time. Review, publish, and watch your business grow.

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Fix Your Content Bottleneck,

When writing or editing is your bottleneck, we’re here to help. Here are all the ways you can utilize our team.

Content Editing

Our professional editors will edit your document to fix clunky language, adhere to your brand guidelines, and check for typos and other errors.

Learn more.

Premium SEO Content Writing

Great brands know that SEO matters, and in today’s AI-dominated age, it matters more than ever. The more topic-focused content your brand can produce, the more chances you have to win.

Our Premium SEO Content meets user needs, ranks in search engines, and will help you build your brand and traffic engine, on autopilot.

Learn more.

Final Review For Errors

Just need a document proofread before it’s ready to publish?

We’ll proofread it for any final uncaught typos and grammatical errors so you can confidently publish or distribute it.

Learn more.

AI Content Editing

Producing content with AI? No problem! We’re the leading experts on editing AI content, with millions of AI words edited under our belt.

Learn more.

SEO Content Updating

Brands that drive revenue from online content know outdated content doesn’t drive traffic or convert well.

Our team of trained writers and editors will keep your content updated through fact-checking, fixing internal links, and integrating other business processes you require.

Learn more.

Spanish Proofreading & Editing

More and more companies are creating content to serve the Spanish-speaking market, especially in the United States.

Let our native Spanish speaking editors make your Spanish content perfect.

Learn more.

Other Available Add-Ons

There’s a lot more that goes into producing great content for the web or print, which is why we offer add-ons like:

  • SEO review
  • Formatting
  • Expedited turnaround
  • Working within your systems

Tell us what you need, and we can put together the right package for you!

Types Of Content We Edit

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the heart of content marketing online. Our team has edited thousands of them for grammar, clarity, and correctness.

AI Content

AI content has its own set of special editing needs. From fact checking to tone and voice, as well as proofreading, our editors do it.

Press Releases

Press releases need to be correct the first time. Our editors are well-versed in every style guide, including AP, and can make sure your PRs are ready.

Resource Content

Resource content is an SEO strategy that many larger companies use to drive traffic and leads. Our editors have edited hundreds of resource pages, both human and AI written, for some amzing companies.

White Papers

A white paper is meant to drive leads, which means everything written needs to be correct, well-phrased, and work towards your ultimate goal. Our editors love editing long-form content that is meant to perform.


If you have a full-length book that needs editing, whether it’s a good first draft that needs in-depth editing or a finished manuscript that needs a final proofread and formatting, we can do it.

What Our Customers Say

"This is the best thought out and most delightful editing experience I've ever had in my years of producing content. We're EditorNinja customers for life."
Daniel Sendecki
VP Content, Citizen Relations
“We’ve been really happy with EditorNinja. It’s a good service, and so easy to use!”
Jimmy Daly
CEO, Superpath
“When our editor quit, we needed 100,000+ words of content edited every month. We signed up with EditorNinja and start adding content that day. They’re fast and their editors are true professionals. I highly recommend their editing services!”
Alexandra Tachalova
CEO, Digital Olympus
"We tried some other options and no one could compete with EditorNinja. Transparent pricing, one day turnaround – in my mind, no one else can compete with this service at this time.”
Matt Pritchett
Co-Owner & CEO, SendWP and Quillbee

What We Mean By Flat-Rate Services

Flat-rate means you pay the same predictable rate every month. There are no surprise bills here!

Here’s how the process works to get started.

View our current pricing and packages.

Our pricing is built to handle your needs, whether you need 100 articles a month or just one document at a time.

View Pricing.

Speak with our team, sign up, and get onboarded.

After your Intro call, sign up and schedule your onboarding. We’ll get to work and your first content will come back to you ready for feedback.

Instruct on any changes.

Provide your team with specific feedback on areas you want them to handle differently, according to your style guides and preferences. They’ll integrate your input into your future documents.

Take off the brakes and set your team loose.

Once your first documents are back and you’ve given feedback, let the team do their thing and give you back work you and they are proud of.

Need a high volume of content written or words edited? Our services are built for your scale. Schedule an Intro Call today.

Work Samples

Here are some real edits our editors made on real customer documents.

Who We Are

Experienced content marketers and editors

Our team is comprised of experienced content marketers, operations staff, and trained editors. 

With backgrounds in traditional publishing, marketing, literature, and more, we know what it takes to make good content great.

Professionally Trained and Thoroughly Vetted

All of our writers and editors have been vetted by other professional editors before coming to work for us.

Most EditorNinja editors have professional training at the MFA level or at least 8+ years of professional editing experience.

Built Specifically for Content People

EditorNinja is built to serve the needs of professional content marketers, both agency-side and in-house. Here’s who we’re great for.

Content & SEO Teams

EditorNinja helps content and SEO teams publish on-brand content consistently.


EditorNinja helps agencies ensure that everything returned to your clients is perfect.

Corporate Comms

Corporate communications team hire our editors to do final review of press releases, internal communications, and more.


Founders creating marketing content lean on EditorNinja to provide feedback and make sure their articles is ready to publish.

NGOs and Publishers

NGOs and publishers have content marketing at their core. Our editors help them produce it at scale.


Affiliate sites create a lot of content, and need it to rank. Our editors edit affiliate content so it’s on-brand, correct, and ready to convert.

Powered By Leading Custom Technology

We deliver professional content editing at scale through of our moden workflow portal.

Submit And Monitor Requests

Submit as many documents as you like to your queue. Your dedicated team works on your content every working day.

Receive Clean Copy Quickly

Once your document is completed, you'll receive it via email and can always find it in your Account. Have someone else who needs to be notified? Just add them to that document and they'll be notified too!

How We Ensure Quality at Scale

Here’s how we keep quality high even with hundreds of documents  going through our systems every month.

Uber-style ratings

All of our editors are rated 1-5 based on your feedback. We make sure they perform above industry standards.

Individual Document feedback

We ask for your feedback on every document you get back. The more feedback you give, the better EditorNinja gets and stays!

“The difference between good and great is often an extra round of revision. The person who looks things over a second time will appear smarter or more talented but actually is just polishing things a bit more. Take the time to get it right. Revise it one extra time.

James Clear –
Writer and Author


See what EditorNinja can do for your  content.

Recently Published Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited simply means you can give us as much content as you have, and we’ll tackle it. Flat-rate means you’ll never get a surprise bill, because you pay one flat rate.

EditorNinja employs professional editors who work on customer content every business day of the month. 

Our pricing is based on your volume, depth of editing, and document turnaround needs.

Maximize your editing subscription by keeping your queue full, and you can always add an additional editing lane if you need more output in a given month. 

If you buy a balance of words, reload that whenever you run low.

Every EditorNinja customer receives:

  • EditorNinja portal access, to upload documents and see your queue as well as your document history.
  • One to two business day turnaround on documents once they enter editing.
  • A Lead Editor (account manager) and a Senior Editor who are primarily responsible for your content.
  • Ability to upload brand and content guidelines for every site we’re editing for. 

Throughout EditorNinja you’ll see us talk about a “lane.” A lane simply another document per day of editing output. We base our pricing on number of documents and words edited per day.

All documents for Word Bundle customers have a maximum 2 business day turnaround. Shorter documents come back the next day!

Yes we can! All In-Depth and Fully Managed subscribers can add content generated via AI to their editing queue.

We do recommend that someone at your company review the content before it’s sent to us, to ensure brand voice and formatting. We do not generate new content using prompts.

AI-generated content takes longer to edit than human-written content, so these requests do take longer to come back for review.

Our editors can edit any kind of written content, though we specialize in marketing content. We most often edit blog posts, white papers, and ebooks.

Please note that our editors are not subject matter experts, and they are not creating brand new content for your brand. But if you have the writing covered and need the confidence that professional editing brings, our editors have you covered!

Our editors are professional developmental and copy editors who also proofread. They take already written content and make sure it’s clean, adheres to brand guidelines, and is clear in what it’s communicating. Sometimes this involves leaving comments suggesting potential new language when a sentence or paragraph is unclear. Sometimes it’s correcting a lot of commas, capitalization, and rearranging a few paragraphs to make it read clearer.

This said, EditorNinja editors to do not write new copy. They are also not subject matter experts, which means if that’s important to you then you should have an internal expert review copy for correctness either before or after editing.

All of our editors are US-based professional MFA-level editors who have taught writing and editing at the university level.

From dissertations to white papers and blog posts, they’ve edited it all and are trained to edit content to your brand’s specifications.

Plus, they’ll give you feedback on the writing so that both the writing and editing process are easier moving forward.

You do not, but you can!

With an EditorNinja account, we’ll edit content for as many sites or accounts as you have.  Just add each site or account’s brand and content guidelines as well as examples of content they or you have already produced, and our editors will make sure to follow them.

If you need to pay by account, we support that as well. Just mention this on your Intro Call and we can discuss how it works.

Absolutely. We recognize that agencies have a unique business model and often need to bill per customer, or attach a service like EditorNinja to a specific account.

Most agencies will either get a subscription per customer, or buy a bundle of words to use for that customer over time. We’re flexible on word counts and daily volumes based on your needs.

Schedule a call to discuss how this best works for you.

You sure can! Every editing subscription account gives you unlimited teammate accounts.

You can also add a second email to individual documents so that a second person can be notified when a document has been returned. That email notification contains a link to the finalized document so they can access it and continue the document workflow.

All EditorNinja customers are assigned an Account Manager and a Senior “dedicated” Editor who is responsible for your account. While our goal is to have you work with them as much as possible, every Senior Editors is supported by a backup editor to ensure your work keeps moving. This means that from time to time your content may be edited by an editor other than your Senior Editor.

Your backup editor has access to your brand and content documents you’ve added to the system, so they’ll always edit to those. And because you can leave feedback for your editor on every document, they’ll listen to feedback and take it into account over time.

Yes, we do!

If you sign up to a subscription, add documents and give us feedback on our editing work, and we’re still not able to make you happy, we’ll happily refund your first month of service.

Exclusions apply.

Hear about new developments and See What We Can Do For Your Content.

(Expect an email or two per week)