Meet The Core EditorNinja team

Our fully remote team works hard every day to build the best editing service online, powered by simple software to facilitate great editing day in and day out.

Our leadership team

We’re an experienced team that loves building effective services and simple to use products that deliver outsized value.

John Doherty - Founder

John is the founder of EditorNinja. Based in Denver Colorado, he is a serial entrepreneur and long time content creator who loves publishing on the internet and encouraging great writing.

John is also the founder of Credo, where they help companies hire digital marketing agencies.

Before that he was the senior marketing manager at Trulia Rentals and head of marketing at, both part of the Zillow Group of nationwide brands. Before that he worked for digital agency Distilled in New York City.

He loves spending time with his family, in the mountains, and traveling. He’ll rarely say no to a good glass of bourbon.

Sophia Beratta - Lead Editor

Sophia Beratta is our Editing Lead. Sophia received her Master of Letters and Master of Fine Arts in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin University in 2018. While touring the country with the American Shakespeare Company, she was editing her friends’ articles, theses, and blog posts (for pure joy and entertainment). Sophia joined EditorNinja to put her skills to use and delve into editing again.

From Our Founder

Through the years I have seen firsthand how website, sales, and marketing copy that isn’t edited destroys trust and hurts businesses. I got tired of it in my other businesses, so we built EditorNinja to solve our own problems. Turns out, a lot of people have the same problems. We’re here to serve; let us show you how we stand out!

John Doherty, Founder and CEO

Editors who actually care

Dreams of turning your business into a profit-making entity are only possible when you have great copy. We’ve built the editor network and systems that deliver it.

  • Trained Editors
  • All of our editors are United States based and professionally trained in editing. They’re MFA-level editors who show up every day to make your writing better.

  • Simple Software
  • We build simple products that accomplish big goals. EditorNinja is built to make it easy to request editing and get it back right. Let us show you how amazing it is.

  • Improved Conversion Metrics
  • When you have clean copy, your website or document presents a more professional face to the world which improves your conversion rates. Clean edited copy is the key.

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