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Welcome to EditorNinja! Use this free grammar checker, powered by AI, to check your content for basic grammar and phrasing before publishing.

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Easily check your grammar, for free

When you’ve written copy and you need to check its grammar, sometimes all it needs is a quick grammar check. Checking your grammar ensures that it’s more correct than it would be without any editing, so using a free grammar checker is quick with no downside.

Of course, a full copy edit is important as well. But if you don’t have that time or budget then do what you can with what you have and use our free grammar checker, powered by Perfect Tense.

How To Check Your Grammar For Free

Step 1: Paste Your Text

Copy your text (CMD+C) and paste it (CMD+V) into the free grammar checker box above.

Step 2: View and Accept Changes

Perfect Tense does its job to analyze your text and give suggestions. Scroll over each to view and accept or dismiss.

Step 3: Send It To Yourself

Once your text is corrected, easily send it to yourself or someone else to publish wherever it belongs.

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