Here is our own Content Style Guide that we send to writers and editors who are working on content for EditorNinja.

Feel free to use as inspiration!

EditorNinja logo mark

Site name: EditorNinja


Brand Vision Statement

EditorNinja exists to upgrade the quality of content on the internet.

Longer Brand Vision Statement:

We provide content editing services that help brands and agencies produce better content for marketing campaigns. We do this by leveraging a network of professionally trained editors who specialize in editing and have often taught at the university level. Our offering is built to help brands and agencies easily say yes because we can save them so much money and make them more with that extra time saved.

Positioning Statement:

EditorNinja is an online service that provides content editing services for brands and content agencies. 

We’re reliable, cost-effective, and help our customers improve the quality of content produced so that it can attract more website visitors, convert more visitors to customers, and aid the brand with becoming a household name. 

We do this through editing, education, and helping brands and agencies alike create the assets they need to produce better content, such as style guides and content calendars.

Ideal Customer Profile:

EditorNinja serves two customers. 

We serve brands investing in marketing content that either have an agency or an in-house team overloaded with the needed editing work. 

We serve agencies who are producing marketing content at scale for their clients. The agency recognizes that finding and keeping good editors is just as challenging as hiring and keeping good writers, so they choose to outsource editing to EditorNinja to save time and money.

Brand Voice Guidelines:

These words describe how EditorNinja wants to be perceived: 

  • Friendly (business is Human to Human!)
  • Fun (editing should be fun, not boring!) 
  • Opinionated but correct (we’re not bucking trends, and we take strong stances held loosely) 
  • Bold

Content Tone:

We are editing and marketing experts, so our tone is authoritative while still being educational and approachable. We want to educate people about editing and how it helps them achieve their goals through content marketing. So we are helpful and approachable, not talking down to readers. 

We do not publish mass or AI produced content. 

We source quotes from experts and give them credit for their ideas.

Content Style:

EditorNinja follows MLA format. We believe in Oxford commas, Title Case for headings, and double line spacing.

Formatting Guidelines:

All of our website content is created for Search Engine Optimization purposes, so we follow proper on-page SEO techniques including: 

  • Title is H1 
  • Proper nested H2/H3/H4 etc headings throughout the post.
  • Intro paragraph containing the main keyword for the post. 
  • We use bullet points and lists where it makes sense. 
  • We interlink to other posts on our site wherever possible as long as it is natural and helpful to the reader. 
  • We also include a hero image for every post, custom-made in Canva.


  • Headings – Roboto, weight 400
  • H1 – 42px
  • H2 – 36px
  • H3 – 28px
  • H4 – 22px
  • Paragraphs – Source Sans Pro, weight 300, font size 16.

Brand Colors:

  • Headings – #3c3c3c;
  • Paragraphs – #3c3c3c;
  • Hyperlinks – #337ab7;
  • Buttons – #F54E2F;