Find The Top 2% of Vetted Content Writers For Your Niche, Or You Don't Pay.

If you’re investing in content marketing, but finding that recruiting writers is a huge challenge and time-suck, you’ve come to the right place.

For a simple flat rate per job posting, we will bring you vetted content writers for your niche and job type. If we can’t bring you at least 3, you get your money back AND keep the writer contacts we DID find for you.

Once we source your writers, you hire, work with, and pay them directly. EditorNinja doesn’t take a cut!

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Writer Recruiting

Take a couple of minutes and submit your writer posting with industry, pay range, and amount of content you need written.

Then check out with a credit card, and we’ll review your posting to make sure we can be successful for you!

Nothing will be charged to your credit card before the posting is accepted.

Once your posting is accepted, we’ll go to work for you with our existing network of vetted writers plus recruiting new writers as needed.

We will deliver 3+ vetted writers to you, or your money back AND you keep the contacts of the writers we found for you.

We’ll deliver 5+ vetted content writers to you  via email, in a shared Google spreadsheet, within 2-5 business days. More specialized industries take longer to recruit writers, so unfortunately we can’t guarantee a specific turnaround time.

If we can’t find at least 3 writers for you that fit your specifications, you don’t pay anything AND you keep the contacts of the writers we were able to find.

Once you’ve seen our service in action, we’re confident you’ll want to tell all of your business friends about us.

Become an affiliate and send customers our way, and we’ll pay you for every referral. (Program only available to customers who have used our service to find writers.)

How Flat-Rate Writer Recruiting Works

Flat-rate recruiting means that what you pay is what it costs. No surprise bills  or “percentage of pay” here.

Here’s how our process works.

Tell Us Your Need

Tell us your need, including the industry in which you need the writers to have experience.

Tell us how many writers you’d like us to find, then use our simple checkout to start us in motion for you.

We'll review

We’ll review your request and ensure we can succeed for you.

Once everything looks good, we’ll move on to the next step.

We find your writers

Now we’ll go to work for you, finding and vetting writers from both our existing network and extended networks. We’ll only pass along the ones who meet your criteria.

This process usually takes 2-4 business days, depending on the industry and number of candidates you’d like.

Your Writer List Delivered

We’ll deliver your writer list to your inbox. You receive their name, contact information, bio, samples of writing in your industry, their rates, and a write-up from EditorNinja about them.

We've Found Writers In These Industries

We can find them in yours, too!





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For just $100, put our team to work to source qualified writers in your industry. You’ll have writers in your inbox in just a few business days. Hire, work with, and pay them directly. EditorNinja doesn’t take a cut!

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