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You’ve done the hard work of strategy, creating briefs, finding freelancers, and making sure your messaging is on point. But now you need to edit and you can’t find the time.

So send it to your EditorNinja editor. We’ll get it over the finish line so you can confidently publish more great content and see results faster.

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"This is the most delightful editing experience I've ever had in my years of producing content.
We are EditorNinja customers for life."
Daniel Sendecki
VP Content, Citizen Relations

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Producing content is a lot of work. We offer a simpler way to scale.

When you’re producing a lot of marketing content, resourcing and cost quickly become a challenge. Content managers, directors of marketing, and agency owners end up editing their team’s work. This keeps you from working on higher-value initiatives.

Businesses that use EditorNinja’s flat-rate on-demand editing services:

  1. save 3-5 days of effort per month on average
  2. cut their editing costs by 40-60%, and
  3. get thousands of dollars back in their pocket or budget.

Use uur professional MFA-trained editors to edit your content, and skip the hassle of finding, hiring, training, firing, and managing editors yourself.

Focus on the process, not the people, of producing great content. Add your request to your queue, and your dedicated editor will take care of it. And of course, you can scale production up or down at any time according to your needs.


Easily add your documents to your queue via the EditorNinja portal. Your editor(s) work through your queue each day.

Whatever editing your document needs, we can handle it. And we’ll keep working on it until it’s right.

Receive your edited document back to your inbox in just 1-2 business days. Review, publish, and watch your business grow.

What We Mean By Unlimited Editing Services

Unlimited editing means you pay the same predictable rate every month. No surprise bills here.

Here’s how the process works.

Add Documents to your queue.

Upload as many documents as you like to your queue. Need a new blog post edited? Upload it. Need a new landing page reviewed for proofreading? Link us to it.

Our Team Reviews and Alerts Your Editor.

We review all documents for word length and need to make sure we assign the right editor. Then we assign an editor to the document for them to get to work.

Your Editor Works Through Your Queue.

Each day, our editors keep working through your queue. Whether it’s a blog post, a white paper, or a landing page we tackle it with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Documents Returned To You, Correct and On Time.

Once a document is finished, we return it to you for review. We then get to work on the next document in your queue. 99.998% of documents come back on time.

Need more than one document edited per day? Our services are built to scale. Ask your account manager how to scale up.

Get Started Today

Get your first document back in one business day. Seriously. We’re that fast.


Fix Your Editing Bottleneck,

We always have capacity to edit your content. Here are all the ways you can utilize our team.

Developmental Editing

Also known as “structural” or “content” editing, Developmental editing is the “in-depth” editing we all think of.

When you request Developmental Editing (available on the In-Depth and above packages), your editor will edit your document for narrative, structure, clarity, and much more.

Learn more.

Copy Editing

When you request copy editing, our editors will edit your document to adhere to your brand guidelines  as specified in your style guide or document brief.

Copy editing is commonly paired with proofreading as a final editing step.

Learn more.


Just need a document proofread before it’s ready to publish?

We’ll proofread it for typos, grammatical errors, and style adherence so you don’t have to.

Learn more.

SEO Formatting

Have a new piece of content that needs SEO review and formatting before being published?

Request SEO formatting, provide us with the target keyword, and we’ll make sure your article is ready to rank.

Learn more.

SEO Content Updating

Is your SEO content driving less traffic and fewer business results than it used to?

Request an SEO content update, and our trained SEO editors will refresh your content with new content, new statistics, new internal and external links, and more so it’s ready to rank and convert again.

Learn more.

About Our Professional Editors

We take great pride in our services, as do our editors.
Here’s a bit more about them.

Professionally Trained and Thoroughly Vetted

Every EditorNinja editor has professional training at the MFA level and has been vetted by other professional editors.

Ready To Work

Our editors love editing, and they’re standing by to get to work on your copy.

Some Of Our Editors

Our editors hold advanced degrees in writing and editing, or have years of experience editing professionally.
Here are a few of our team.

How we ensure quality at scale

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Here’s how we keep quality high even with a lot of volume going through our systems.

Uber-style ratings

All of our editors are rated 1-5 based on your feedback. We make sure they perform above industry standards.

Individual Document feedback

We ask for your feedback on every document you get back. The more feedback you give, the better EditorNinja gets and stays!

Powered By Leading Custom Technology

We’re able to deliver professional content editing at scale because of our leading technology platform. Stop “hiring editors” and start getting great editing done quickly.

Submit And Monitor Requests

Submit as many documents as you like to your queue. Your dedicated Senior and Lead Editors work on your content every working day. We return a document per day, up to 1,750 words. You can also scale up your subscription to get more output.

Receive Clean Copy Quickly

Once your document is completed, you'll receive it via email and can always find it in your Account. Have someone else who needs to be notified? Just add them to that document and they'll be notified too!

Built specifically for Content Agencies and Content Marketers

EditorNinja is built to serve the needs of content marketers, both in-house and at agencies. Here’s who we’re great for.


EditorNinja helps agencies ensure that anything returned to clients is perfect. Learn more.

Content Teams

EditorNinja helps content teams save time and money by handling all of your editing needs. Learn more.


Freelancers leverage our services to scale their offerings, so they can spend more time writing and less time editing. Learn more.

“The difference between good and great is often an extra round of revision. The person who looks things over a second time will appear smarter or more talented, but actually is just polishing things a bit more. Take the time to get it right. Revise it one extra time.

James Clear –
Writer and Author

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See what EditorNinja can do for your  content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

EditorNinja employs  professional editors who work on customer content every business day of the month. If you upload 10 pieces of content, your content will be scheduled out with your editor who will work on one document at a time. The average document takes one business day from the date it enters editing to when it comes back to you ready to publish.

Maximize your editing subscription by keeping your queue full, and you can always add an additional editing lane if you need more output in a given month.

Every Subscription customer receives:

  • EditorNinja portal access, to upload documents and see your queue as well as your document history.
  • Up to ~25,000 words edited per month, or one document per day, per editing lane.
  • One business day turnaround on most documents once they enter editing.
  • A Lead Editor (account manager) and a Senior Editor who are primarily responsible for your content.
  • Ability to upload brand and content guidelines for every site we’re editing for. 

Throughout EditorNinja you’ll see us talk about a “lane.” A lane simply another document per day of editing output. We base our pricing on number of documents edited per day.

Our base subscription, one lane, is ~30,000 words per month, or 1,750 per working day. If you need more output, you can add additional lanes.

Contact us for current pricing on additional lanes.

All of our editors are US-based professional MFA-level editors who have taught writing and editing at the university level.

From dissertations to white papers and blog posts, they’ve edited it all and are trained to edit content to your brand’s specifications.

Plus, they’ll give you feedback on the writing so that both the writing and editing process are easier moving forward.

All EditorNinja plans include copy editing, and proofreading, and line editing. You get unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and a Senior Editor who primarily edits your content. They’re supported by a backup editor who also gets to know your brand.

Basic and In-Depth are the perfect plans for in-house teams and agencies producing 10+ documents per month, depending on the depth of editing support you need.

If you need more output, you can always add another lane (or two or three!) to increase how much content is edited per day. 

Pricing starts at $749 per month. See all packages.

If you just have a few documents per month (or want to test the service before committing), you can always use our Single document editing services. All documents are copy edited and proofread to your brief, or MLA style as default. Pricing starts at $.045 per word, and documents are returned in one business day by default. We give a 20% discount for a two business day turnaround.

Get started here.

Our editors can edit any kind of written content, though we specialize in marketing content. We most often edit blog posts , white papers, and ebooks.

Please note that our editors are not subject matter experts, and they are not creating brand new content for your brand. But if you have the writing covered and need the confidence that professional editing brings, our editors have you covered!

Our editors are professional developmental and copy, editors who also proofread. They take already written content and make sure it’s clean, adheres to brand guidelines, and is clear in what it’s communicating. Sometimes this involves leaving comments suggesting potential new language when a sentence or paragraph is unclear. Sometimes it’s correcting a lot of commas, capitalization, and rearranging a few paragraphs to make it read clearer.

This said, EditorNinja editors to do not write new copy. They are also not subject matter experts, which means if that’s important to you then you should have an internal expert review copy for correctness either before or after editing.

Yes we can! All In-Depth and Fully Managed subscribers can add content generated via AI to their editing queue.

We do recommend that someone at your company review the content before it’s sent to us, to ensure brand voice and formatting. We do not generate new content using prompts.

AI-generated content takes longer to edit than human-written content, so these requests do take longer to come back for review.

No! With an EditorNinja subscription, we can edit content for as many sites or accounts as you have. Just add each site or account’s brand and content guidelines, and our editors will make sure to follow them.

Just remember that our editors work on your account every business day at a set cadence, so editing for multiple sites can slow down content for each individual site.

If that’s the case and you need more output, you can always add another editing lane to your account.

You sure can! Every editing subscription account gives you unlimited teammate accounts.

You can also add a second email to specific documents so that a second person can be notified when a document has been returned in EditorNinja. That email notification contains a link to the finalized document, so they can access it and continue the document workflow.

All EditorNinja subscription customers are assigned a Lead Editor (account manager) and a Senior Editor who is responsible for your account. While our goal is to have you work with them as much as possible, every Senior Editors is supported by a backup editor to ensure your work keeps moving. This means that from time to time your content may be edited by an editor other than your Senior Editor. Your backup editor has access to your brand and content documents you’ve added to the system, so they’ll always edit to those. And because you can leave feedback for your editor on every document, they’ll listen to feedback and take it into account over time.

Yes, we do!

If you sign up to a subscription and give us feedback on our editing work, and we’re still not able to make you happy, we’ll happily refund your first month of service.

Exclusions apply.

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